Anonymous asked:

Cold hard subtweets from twitter-user Adoratroll: "Tearing apart another group's work is really unprofessional, and reflects really badly on the group you work for." "Tearing apart someone else's work while constantly making up excuses for your own points to some massive insecurity." Thoughts?

magentagalaxica answered:

Twitter-user Adoratroll is entitled to think what they like and has, in fact, done so in my direction several times so, eh, whatever.

Ultimately though it’s my duty as a translator and fan of the show to point out when mistakes are made that will cause people to misunderstand the show. We’ve done a lot of things we regret, and a lot of things we stand by that we’re more than willing to accept people might be put off by - we’re not perfect, certainly, and we have a lot to learn.

But like, across all 38 episodes we have to my knowledge made two mistakes that would cause people to misinterpret the narrative (a missed line in an early episode and a parsing mistake in 38 itself), and in both cases the mistake was caught within about an hour of release, and then the release was pulled and replaced near-instantly (softsubs are magical.)

When I watch an episode of TV-N’s Gaim and catch ten such mistakes in one episode - an episode that has been out for three weeks and not in any way corrected - then yes, I’m going to point that out. Yes, I’m going to get mad about it. Yes, I’m going to cry because a large proportion of the people watching this show are going to take these mistakes as fact.

Argh. ARGH.

There are already a lot of things taken for fact in the English speaking fandom that are simply not true, all the result of mistranslations.